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Your Average Minivan Mom

I am your average minivan Mom with full time job outside of home and full time job inside of home. I am always running late taking kids to babysitter or classes. I am in grocery stores, doctor offices, and playgrounds. I am like so many and I want to be Your next Mamavation Mom.

I have two kids, two very active monkeys – 3 year old girl and 18 months old boy. They are the best when they first wake up in the morning (don’t they all). They are so adorable – I would film their every move and would watch it after they go to sleep

My husband and I met at the dealership and didn’t like each other. It’s been 11 years and I can’t imagine my life without him. Hmm, I guess I don’t believe in a love from the first sight, ah?

Life is crazy and things get on the way and at the end of the day I forget about taking care of myself. I really want to change that! Please cast your vote for @elenka29

Thank You for being here for me and for support I get every day. I will continue doing what I can to give you back the same.



Just Lucky

If you want to see the luckiest man alive, you need to meet my husband! Why? Because he is. Really, he tells me that every morning (maybe not every morning, but few times a week for sure).
“I am the luckiest man, because I have you!”
I agree, “Yeah Hun, you are pretty damn lucky!”
I am pretty awesome! But besides that where else would he get full time cook, cleaning lady, laundry service, babysitter and free time planner for this kind of money? I don’t think he considers himself especially lucky when it comes to gambling, but he did hit a jackpot by meeting me.

He likes to be one of the kids.  He is the only one in my house who is always ready to eat and ready to sleep. He has his toys ( old car and motorcycle) and he has his playground (garage). He checks on my car too – I guess that’s a perk of living with a cute guy that knows how to fix cars

He always thinks about the next car he is going to buy, but every time we do buy a car for some reason he takes my oldie and let’s me have the new one. Weird, right?
We argue, but it doesn’t less – the man needs to eat, right? And it’s hard to continue arguing after he drives to my work to jump start my car, because I left the lights on.
This year we will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and according to my husband he loves me even more than he did 10 years ago. Can you believe that?
I know what you are thinking – it’s only been ten years – the honeymoon is officially over, but where else can I find a guy who thinks that I am beautiful when I am wearing my trendy old sweatpants t-shirt combo? Who else will tell me that he loves me, when I am complaining every hour of the day? How else could I afford a full-time service technician for my car? And did I mention that he is cute too? I know it’s hard to believe, but out of two adults in the house, I am the one with no technical thinking. Imagine the patience this man had to have to demonstrate me five times how to fold/unfold the stroller
We got married in Vegas and our ceremony/trip/honeymoon wasn’t more than $500. I think we got our money worth it. Do you?
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