Mamavation Monday – Week 4

Mamavation – Week 4

So this is the hump week? Those of us that have been around know for some reason this is the difficult week of the campaign and if you just get through this week everything will be alright. So oldies and newbies, step it up!

I just finished week #3 of  C25K program and sweated through four EAS Active 2 workouts.

But I gained  and my measurements are not that great. Why? Not really sure. Weird thing is people have been noticing my change (and I mean my loss not gain). Could this be my WTF moment? 

Before you look at my numbers and move on, I want you to be the first to know something big about #breakfastclub. No, we are not closing down just because only few of you visited last week – we are doing something awesome – check it out
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Move It and Lose It Challenge
Current weight is 191.6 (+ 2.6 lbs) (Grrr)
Good Buy 180s. I’ll be back soon
Measurements New(Old)
Weight  191.6 (192.5 lb)
BMI (35.01)
Chest 38 (39.25)
Waste 36.25 (37.25)
Hips 48 (48)
LegL 29 (28.25)
LegR 29 (28.75)
BicepL 14 (14)
BicepR 13.75 (14.25)

Image via WikipediaQuestion of the week

Who in your world deserves a “shout out” this week for pushing you to better yourself?  What did they do?
My family ( I am sure that is what so many of us would say, am I right?) My husband follows me with my pedometer. I keep leaving it in different places and my dear husband keeps finding it and bringing it to me. My daughter always tells me “Mama, go workout”. She grabs my remote and starts my workout on WII, hands me the remote “Press the button, Mama! Work out!” After that she gets in bed and watches me. My son doesn’t really talk yet, but he has the most adorable smile and gets my spirits up when I am in the worst mood. All I need is his smile to give me enough energy to get up and get my butt moving   
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#Breakfastclub April 25 – Closed

I have a huge announcement to make – #breakfastclub is now sponsored by Lifeway Keifr. WOW!!!

If you are not familiar with #breakfastclub, it is my effort to make sure you all understand how important it is to have breakfast every day no matter what. And that’s why I want to know “What you had for breakfast”. It doesn’t matter if it’s same old or burned toast and coffee. I want to know!

Here are the rules: Between April 25th and April 29th  (Monday through Friday) tell me what you have on your breakfast plate. Each day you share your breakfast thoughts gives you an entry in the giveaway.

Enter it here in the comments AND Post it on Twitter or Facebook

For Tweeter, tweet with @elenka29 #breakfastclub. For Facebook post your breakfast here

At the end of the week we will draw 5 winners – each will get VIP Pass valid for one FREE product in any flavor.

Lifeway Kefir is a healthy breakfast in a bottle. It’s great companion to fruit, granola, oatmeal, cereal and more. If you would like to know about this awesome drink, check it out here All about Lifeway Kefir and don’t forget to check for store locatons

Giveaway is open to USA residents only. Giveaway winner will be chosen via by Monday, May 1st.  I will contact the winner via email (if provided) and will make a Twitter, Facebook, and blog announcement. Winner will have 48 hours to respond with full name and address.  US Residents Only! It is your responsibility to leave your email info or Twitter handle.

Mamavation – Week 3

 This week was supposed to be an active one, but my whole family decided that it would be a perfect week to get sick. One by one they all got sick with weird viral infections. Obviously the little guy got hit more than anyone with fever for 5 days, trips to the doctors. I was relactant to give him antibiotics, but after it suddenly spiked to 105F I broke down and gave him a doze. 

All this running non-stop and taking care of things left me drained, so I only wished I did more than I did last week

I continued C25K program and completed week #2 as well as  three EA Active 2 workouts. I gotta say, EA Active 2 is the toughest out of three versions of EA Active games and kicking butt every time

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Move It and Lose It Challenge

Current weight is 188.9 (-4.2 lbs)

Hello 180s. I am happy to be here

Image via WikipediaGood for you and the family

1. Rank the following fats from most healthy to least healthy:
saturated fat, polysatured fat, monosaturated fat, trans fat
 Answer – monosaturated fat and  polysatured fat are considered good fats. saturated fat raises cholesterol and trans fat is the worst fat that is in all the packaged and fried food

2. How do you measure portion control with your lifestyle?

When eating out

  • Choose a regular hamburger at your favorite fast food stop instead of the larger burger, and save about 150 calories.
  • Have the small fries instead of the super-sized and save about 300 calories.
  • Order the small soda. It has about 150 fewer calories than the large one.
  • Share an entrée with a friend when you go to a restaurant.
  • Ask for half your meal to be packed for you and eat it for lunch the next day.

At home

Don’t “eat from the bag.” When snacking, place a few chips, crackers or cookies in a bowl to help prevent overeating.

  • Buy single portions of snack foods so you’re not tempted by the whole bag or box.
  • Like butter and sour cream on your baked potato? Mayonnaise and cheese on your sandwich?
  • Cream cheese on your bagel? Use half the amount you usually do — and save even more calories by using lower-fat varieties.
3. What object does a serving size of meat compare to?
the same size as a deck of cards

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win Chef’s Requested steaks

Mamavation – Week 2

I had a mistake of eating before getting on the scales this morning. And I had a good oatmeal breakfast.
I also started my power workout last week with C25K. For the longest time I thought it meant something like “See how to run 25 kilometers”.  Now I know it doesn’t looks scary, because all it means is this “If you your butt is square from sitting on the couch and you have a running goal, this program will gently take you from your Lazy Boy and 9-10 weeks you later should be able to run 2.5 miles” How is that for explanation? So I loaded C25K onto my IPhone (because it tells me when to start and when to stop) and did 3 walk-n-runs last week. I also started a challenge with EA Active 2 for WII and got 3 workouts done. With all that said, my weight is 2.9 lb up. Not a biggy – will balance out next week 

The weather was so awesome this morning, we spent some time outside

Move It and Lose It Challenge

Current weight is 193.1 (+2.9 lbs)
I am writing it off on muscle growth AND lack of common sense (because I got on the scales after breakfast)

Image via WikipediaGood for you and the family

My family is not doing too bad on Nutrition. We practically never go out and when we do, we pick better places with quality food. I wish we had more organic food in the house, but otherwise everyone gets proper nutrition in one form or the other.

A whole and halved red bell pepperImage via WikipediaHowever my daughter (3.5) and myself like vegetables. My husband and my son (20 mo) prefer meat and potato. Besides that my daughter doesn’t want to eat the same food. After dinner I spend 20 minutes picking up leftovers of dinner from the table and under it as well

Challenge: My daughter (3.5) and myself like vegetables. My husband and my son (20 mo) prefer meat and potato. How do I make sure the meat eaters get their veggies and how do I minimize food waste?

Soluton: Instead of putting 4 plates with food on the table, I put 1 big plate on the middles of the table (with everything pre-cut) –  eggs, string cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, avocade, and what ever else looked good at the store. I toast whole grain bread and give smaller portions of meat and side dish to the guys. I only tried it few times so far, but it seems like less food ends up thrown out, since it is not on the kids plates from the start. To my surprise my son decided to try new foods – avocado and egg (he wasn’t interested in it before). After dinner is done, I pick the leftovers from the plate and pack it in 2 storage containers along with salad leaves – now it’s a salad for tomorrow’s lunch my me and my husband.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win an Orville Redenbacher’s Very Important Blogger Gift Basket

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Dare to Go Greener! – Buy Local

Andrea (@notimemom) is back. And she should be back – with the Earth Day coming up I invited her to come back. Why? You’d have to read to find out

Official seal of the National Organic ProgramImage via Wikipedia Earth Day, April 22, is just around the corner and everyone is talking about how the have tried to go green. I have to admit that the earth was not always my first thought when we made changes. In many cases it was a decision to cut back on expenses or waste. Yes, going green can save you money!

I know it is hard to think of organic foods and saving money. Isn’t it amazing what a premium they are sold at? Okay, I am not against organic, but I do not buy organic foods just for the sake of buying organic. Our family tries to eat local. Yes, one more thing to think about but, those organic strawberries on the store shelves out of season might have traveled a long distance. Not only does this mean they have lost nutrients and flavor, but they have left a giant carbon foot print. Yuck. That doesn’t taste quite as sweet. Also, those veggies might have been picked by workers paid next to nothing and under horrible conditions. So, why not ensure a small carbon foot print and fair labor practices by buying local.

Not sure how to get started? Well, I bet if you look around there are some local farms near you. Try a google search for your area if you are not sure, or try Pick Your Own online. Find out what they have to offer. It will be fresh picked, delicious and most of all inexpensive. Even better, look for U-pick and get your whole family involved with choosing your food. My DH just recently went back to work for his family farm so this is a subject close to our hearts. Their farm grows a wide variety of produce. I know there is nothing better than eating food we just picked hours before eating… not days!

Also utilize your local farmer’s market. This usually includes smaller growers in your area. I love to get fresh eggs, fresh baked bread, seasonal treats or plant starts there. Not all are labeled organic, but remember that pesticides are expensive and smaller growers will avoid them whenever possible. When you have a question about the food, ask the grower. They take great pride in what they bring to the market. Their product is their reputation so get to know them with every delicious bite.

So I hope this has inspired you to “dare to go greener” by buying local. It is good for the environment as well as your wallet. Do you buy local? What is available in your area? I would love to hear from you.

Meet Andrea – visit her blog Adventures and All Things Food

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Mamavation Monday – Week 1

This is it. All excuses aside this is week 1 of the new challenge. What does it mean for me? 110%. I gave myself some time to relax (too much if you ask me). But now it is on! The challenge will less 7-8 weeks and it will be all about eating right and workout. I know, eating write and workout should be for a life time, but this is the start, so here we go.

Please consider entering one or two or all three of my giveaways


MILI Week 1
Weight 190.3 (-2.2 lb)

BMI 35.01
Chest 39.25
Waste 37.25
Hips 48
LegL 28.25
LegR 28.75
BicepL 14
BicepR 14.25


Image via WikipediaSPECIAL PLACE

Let me introduce you all to my pride and joy. Don’t ask me how much it was – a lot! More than I ever thought I would pay for a bicycle, but my husband helped and Bookieboo pitched in with $100 from MILI Campaign 7, so it is mine and it’s B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !

Image via WikipediaThings that made me proud this week

Move at and Lose it Challenge is on and I finally decided last week to start Couch to 5K (with some encouragements from Erin and Greta – Thank You, Girls!).
If you haven’t voted, please do so before evening of Monday and consider casting your vote for me (@elenka29)
And please enter my giveaways on the giveaway page
 Mamavation Fit-cation 2011

I am super excited – I am going to Fit-cation and so looking forward to meeting all the great people.


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Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

This is my first Blog Party and I am so excited!
I’d like to welcome all the new friends. I love meeting new people!
Before I forget – If you can find a minute and vote for me as elenka29 here
(it’s a competition to get into fitness bootcamp for moms. There is no registration – just click and submit).
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So let me introduce myself
My name is Lena and I am full time working professional and a mom of two very busy kids – 3.5 yo and 19 mo
I might be very social and love meeting new people, but between work and kids I can hardly remember to  look at myself in the mirror. Love my kiddos, but absence of social life is so not fun.
Thank You for stopping by and saying Hello and becoming my friend. Make sure to ask for my prize I donated into the UBP pool
Please be my friend – hit Fan on my Facebook on the right of the page and follow me on Twitter (leave me a comment – I will return the favor)
And once again Welcome and LETS P-A-R-T-Y!!!
My prize in the pool for the Ultimate Blog Party is here $49 value 7 pc set of bodysuits by Gymboree
My own giveaways are here
Perfect Gift Giveaway 2 Gift Cards!

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