Fighting 3 O’Clock Slump with Slimgenics

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We all have been there – 3 pm slump. If I am at home, I might get incredible sleepy and try to keep myself awake by eating (so smart, right?). When I am at work, I just want to crawl under my desk and take a short nap. I especially enjoy 3 pm meeting. Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a business meeting with nothing, but a huge desire for a pillow and just 5 minutes of sleep? I have.


Take a look at your lunch. Does it usually include fatty, sugary, and processed foods? This might be the reason for such difficult afternoons. Even big amounts of meat will cause your body to work extra hard digesting it. And if your body works hard on processing a burger, deep fried fries, and a donut, guess which parts of your body get neglected? Your brain, maybe? Eating balanced lunch with the right amount of fiber, protein, starches, and fats will help you make it though the hardest time of the day. Experiment and see what works best for you, but I believe you’d be able to find ways of dealing with pm coma and should be able to remain productive.

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Instead of eating another empty food at 3 pm, go for a fuel food, something that is not high on fat and sugar. One of your options might be a protein bar (just watch out for the fat content). One of the options to consider is SlimGenics bars. As am looking at the label, I am noticing 10-15 grams of sugar, which might not be ideal for those concerned about sugar content, but it is still a much better alternative to anything you find in the vending machine and will totally satisfy your sweet tooth. Couple days ago, I realized I was annoyingly hungry and mentally unwrapping a candy bar. Immediately stopped the rotten thought with one of the SlimGenics chocolate mint bars. 5 minutes I was back in the happy mood and giving 100% to the project I was working on.


Increased amount of water helps to to deal with overeating as well. Please do your best to avoid sodas and sugary drinks. They do give you quick energy shot as your blood sugar level spikes up, but only to crush and hit you with another slump (Urgh!)

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Energy drink? Educate yourself as some of the drinks are designed for high endurance workouts or help college students to be up and running after a night out. As we hit 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s energy drinks like Monster, Red Bull, and so many might get our heart racing for no reason and get us all jittery while all we really wanted to achieve is being alert and responsive when our boss or client explains us details of the next project.

Coming back to  SlimGenics products, they have energy drinks as well: one of these is only 15 calories and tastes pretty good. The box I had included a variety of flavors and it tasted pretty flavorful. The first time I tried grape, for example, I actually stopped and said “WOW! That’s very flavorful”.

I am not familiar with any other product by Slimgenics, but these two I tried are pretty good. Want to know more? Check out Slimgenics on their website, follow them on Twitter, and become their fan on Facebook.

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  1. Jenna Wood says:

    I try to stay well hydrated, but it is a struggle; I also have to watch my sugar too. I’m definitely going to look into SlimGenics!

  2. their product looks good. thanks for sharing! Will check out their site.
    lelaniedenso recently posted..Be My Valentines DIY Crafting Round-UpMy Profile

  3. I feel like such a lazy oaf reading this! I can’t wait till this baby comes and I can look into something like this! I always have a 3 o’clock hunger/tiredness thing going on, so this would be great!
    Sarah recently posted..Mama- The Scary Movies Come Early in 2013My Profile

  4. i totally had the 3pm slump today!! and didn’t do anything about it!! so sad!!

    Sandy a la Mode
    Sandy a la Mode recently posted..Baby Favorites: 3-6 MonthsMy Profile

  5. I am in desperate need to find something that works for me that doesn’t give me that shaky feeling that comes with high caffeine items and that I am not allergic to. Will have to check out the ingredient list on these.
    Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) recently posted..Facebook Campaigns to Convince Parents to Get A PetMy Profile

  6. I’ve not heard of SlimGenics but I definitely do experience that 3pm slump!
    Kathleen recently posted..The Winter Blogathon is Almost Upon UsMy Profile

  7. happens to me all the time. It’s great that there are products to help boost energy w/o the the side effects of energy drinks. thanks for sharing!
    Teresha recently posted..Save Big on Green ProductsMy Profile

  8. I’ll have to check these out. Even as a stay-at-home my energy level slumps mid-day. If only the kids would coordinate with me and nap when I wanted them to. Thanks for this review! I’ll have to check Slimgenics out.
    Shary recently posted..You Need More CatsMy Profile

  9. I love orange flavor. :) I also love you little dud on top of your bars. My 3pm slump comes a little different time of the day, since I run a different schedule, but I still have it. Ugh..

    Dawn recently posted..National Popcorn Day: What Is Your Favorite Type Of Popcorn?My Profile

    • Way 2 Good Life says:

      Yum Yum. I was actually imagining myself laying on top of the bars, but the little dude was small enough to make it happen

  10. I get so sleepy at work around 3. I find it hard to keep working! Will be checking these out.
    Tazim recently posted..Organizing Posters and Prints Before & After BedroomMy Profile

  11. I am always looking for something to get me through the last couple hours of the work day. It seems like 2:30 hits and suddenly I am a zombie for the next couple hours. – Katy
    Katy recently posted..Beauty Goals for 2013My Profile

  12. I will have to check them out. I often get that 3:00 slump too.
    Jenn @comebackmomma recently posted..Foodie Friday Recipe- Easy & Healthy Turkey ChiliMy Profile