Earth Day Event Sponsor Spotlight

I can’t wait for the upcoming Earth Day Event and I am particularly exited to share what you can expect to find here at Way 2 Good Life

Be here April 12-22 to enter this and other awesome prizes

A can of Clean+Green of your choice

CLEAN+GREEN® are natural pet stain + odor removers. Our line of eco friendly, green cleaning products are made from organic and biodegradable ingredients and packaged so you can recycle the container – now you can clean green! For green pet cleaning, use effective, non toxic, organic home cleaning supplies and keep an environmentally friendly home – with pets. Read full review


A pair of  natural VOS flip-flops

VOS Flips’ natural rubber is a renewable raw material produced by the tropical Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree. The natural rubber starts as a liquid latex, which is naturally provided by the sap or milk of the rubber tree. Its unique characteristics include elasticity, waterproofing, malleability, thermal and mechanical resistance, insulation from electricity and an unparallel grip on virtually all surface types. Read full review

Prbiotics by Bio+K

Bio-K+ provides a unique and patented probiotic formula whose efficacy is supported by published clinical studies. Most of our products guarantee a minimum of 50 billion CFU right until the best before date and we’re one of the few companies whose primary bacteria is acidophilus. Bio-K+ has been trusted by consumers and recommended by health professionals for well over a decade. Read full review

$10 Gift Certificat from Shaka Soap Company

Prepare to get indulged – Here comes Shaka Soap Company. Made with Aloha! Handmade Hawaiian soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, bath salts, and lip balm made in Hawaii and created with only the most essential ingredients; including skin nourishing oils and butters. I am incredibly excited to try some of their awesome products. Read full review

A bottle of Oil by MacVoil oils

The MACVOIL™ Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment represents a major breakthrough in the science of hair care, eliminating the need for dangerous chemicals and processes. The all natural The MACVOIL™ Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment provides the ultimate in smooth, silky hair, without returning to the bricks, metal plates and heated combs of the ancients. Read full review

A HandSan and two Bio+Green Crystals sachets of your choice by BIO + Green Crystals

Bio+Green Crystals are earth friendly cleaners were created to provide consumer with an unrivaled green cleaning product that is earth friendly, family friendly and completely effective at handling your cleaning needs. Bio+Green cleaning products are eco friendly and they are 100% bio-degradable.  There if no chemical waste from making our cleaning products and the products are nutraceutical grade.  Bio+Green Crystals contain the best cleaning products eco friendly ingredients. Read full review

 Trilight Health – There is some question as to whether dry or pressed herb tablets break down well in the body, if at all. At best, dry herbs may take more than an hour to digest, where liquids begin assimilation in about 15 to 20 minutes, even less if held under the tongue. Absorption through the tissue under the tongue allows the active ingredients to enter the bloodstream directly.


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