Earth Day – How to make it count?

What would you do if you had a $1000 to give back to your community for the Earth Day?

One of my new year resolutions this year was to give back to the community. However, you have to agree it is tough to do when you have no money and practically no time to do anything. But it is all about defining priorities, so hear me out – I am applying for Kalsø Earth Shoes Earth Day Project Scholarship.

I would like to contribute to education of kids in my community by educating them about the environment, recycling, and active lifestyle.

We, as a country, drastically reduced our paper wasting the last years, which is a really good thing (except doing so we closed many paper mills and a lot of jobs were lost). As our kids growing up in a paperless wireless environment, they accept so many things for granted. It is our responsibility to teach them how to be good members of community and we can start teaching them the basics at early age.

What do we want our kids to know?

  • We have to help the environment even if that means going out of our way – because it takes all of us to create and support a good community
  • There are many different ways we can reuse and recycle – we can save time and money if we give new life to used things
  • Be active to grow up strong and healthy – because knowledge is a great tool for growing minds

This can be achieved through books:

  • Books about environment and recycling
  • Activity Books for the little kids (with great ways to exercise)

Why books?
There are a lot of books printed about recycling and helping the environment — they are very engaging and entertaining, and do you know what the best part is? There are many books out there that are printed on post-consumer recycled paper.

It’s good for the environment, benefits local businesses, provides jobs for the american workers and teaches kids very useful things.

How will it take place?
I am looking for the local publishing companies (and have found one already) that would be interested to work on this project and provide great books at up to 50% of cost for the community.

Every of April I would like to donate $250 worth of books about the environment, books printed on post-recycled paper as well as good activity books to local communities –

Why do I want to do it?
Because teaching out kids young is a great first step to environmentally conscious life



  1. What a great idea! Supporting earth day and the importance of our environment is so important!
    melissa recently posted..Bunk Bed StoriesMy Profile

  2. This is an awesome cause and a super idea! I hope you get alot of publishers jumping on this!! To teach our young is a glorious thing!
    Wendy recently posted..Little Girls: A Short Story Novella by Elton LoudMy Profile

  3. What an awesome idea!! I definitely agree that teaching kids young is very important.
    Danielle recently posted..Learning from The LoraxMy Profile

  4. Anne Hoffman says:

    You are a true leader in your thinking, Lena! Awesome!

  5. amanda odair says:

    you are just amazing Lena! Greats idea!

  6. I love books, paper books. That is I love them when they are the ones I treasure – and the lessons I see leading through your project are with books that learners will treasure.
    kia recently posted..Project Earth DayMy Profile