Filippo Berio Olive Oil – Review

I stopped buying salad dressings few years ago. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only dressing I need. Don’t believe it? Just a take an extra virgin oil challenge. Do it for a week – use olive oil for cooking and salads. There are so many things in a bottled dressing – just try reading the ingredient list.  Switching to olive oil wouldn’t just change the way you eat, it will also change the way you live. Olive oil has incredible health benefits.

To get your creative juices going, here are a couple recipes that a fast and easy.

Green Vegetables Salad

Cut cucumbers, tomatoes, dill, radish, pepper, spinach, any other greens you like. This is a god any season salad. You can add whatever greens are available at the moment. Salt to taste. Add extra virgin olive oil to taste, but don’t go crazy on it

Sea Happy Salad

Sea weed Salad has some really great benefits. You can find it canned or as a salad in deli section. Cut crab legs imitation. Mix it well, salt it to taste. Add some lemon juice and Extra Virgin Olive oil. All done and ready to serve.

Extra virgin olive oil completely replaced salad dressing in my house. This is such a great alternative to the hydrogenated oils that come with common dressings. The quality of the ingredients is so much higher. And the benefits are amazing – good quality fat and Omega oils. What I love the most about a good Extra Virgin olive oil like Filippo Berio, is that it doesn’t take away from the taste of food, it compliments it. It doesn’t replace the taste that comes with fresh produce – it adds to it. Love it! Bravo!

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