Losing weight at home

I love doing reviews of different products and have done a lot of them up to date, but this one will take me more than a post and will definetly make me sweat.

Way 2 Good Life  just partnered with FFIT. FFIT is a custom well rounded program that includes nutrition, workouts and support to help participants lose weight. A lot of us cannot get out and run to the gym. That is part of the reason why Health Clubs are multi-million dollar industry – we pay them small fortune for the membership and end up not going there. My biggest problem is time – I work full time, do social media whenever I can and did I mention that I have a house, a husband, and two kids to take care of? That is why I really hope that nice coaches (is there such thing as nice trainers?) will help me come up with the routine and stick to it) This is a 90 day program and I am determined to blog about my progress. Check FFIT out on their website.

This is week 1

I was asked to fill out a bunch of questioners in regards to nutrition and my workout patterns (oops – I have none).

As a part of my training I need to do my homework – this week I am starting my food diary. I have to log in all the food I eat in the spreadsheet they provided.

In the whole honesty, I am a little bit overwhelmed by everything I have to do – It is not just about watching what to eat, and do a workout, it is about doing the specific workouts and learning new things about eating. The weekly email is full of information and takes time to process it.

I am 183 lb

bust – 38.5
waste – 37
hips – 47


  1. Sounds like a great program. I am currently reviewing a different weight loss program but will keep this one in mind for the future. I hope to meet my goal weight and maintain it once I am through.

  2. Awesome, I can’t wait to hear more about it…Good Luck!!

  3. I find it very hard to work out too! Between job, family obligations: no me time left. This is a great progam. I am looking forward to the updates.

  4. Good luck! The hardest part I always find is making new habits for food. Once you do it long enough though it will stick.

  5. Sounds like a great program! Good luck with it, can’t wait to hear your progress!