Mamavation Monday?

… Hmmm, technically Tuesday

This is my little engine, who walked and cycled 2.5 miles just because we were following the circle and couldn’t cut it short. This is my little guy who after 2.5 hours of doing these zig zags finally saw the van, turned his bike 180 degrees and started pedaling away. I wish I was a stubborn as he is. As some of you know I had a rough week trying to figure out WHY my child has sensory issues (and what does it even mean) and other stuff. I didn’t do to good for few days, but I am better now. I wish that people who came into my house to evaluate my son were a little bit nicer. Thank you for stopping by, freaking me out beyond believe, and leaving me to figure on my own the things are not as bad as they made them look. Oh, well, I heard everyone goes through it. I just gotta learn to be as stubborn as this guy.


  1. jenny p says:

    I fully understand the whys? Like why my child, ect. For 7 years of being a mom to a beautiful little girl with cerebral palsy i have gone through the whys? Many times. First it was how did she get cp she was a perfectly healthy baby, then at 2 she developed seizures and asthma so there were whys for that, then she needed glasses, then the food allergies, and the behavior problems then sensory issues. Then in august of 2010 my 2nd daughter was born perfectly healthy and now at 20 months is potty trained which

    she did on her own dont know.

    • jenny p says:

      We dont know why she potty trained on her own, she has 130 + words, recognizes and can say numbers but has a sensory problem too along with a behavior problem ei says the behavior problem is because shes so smart shes bored easily so she headbangs, ect

      • Way 2 Good Life says:

        Hugs. I almost feel that my son is acting out, because he wants to drive a point. i am not happy, I need attention. I am bored. I just didn’t accept such verdict

  2. That’s certainly a lot to digest. I hope some answers start filtering down soon.
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  3. Hugs sweetie pie! I’m sorry they burst into your house and then left you hanging to ratch on your own. He is a cutie pie! I love the music you chose. I hope this coming week is smoother.
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  4. I love that you’re finding your strength and inspiration in your little guy.
    Here’s to answers, strength, peace and direction coming soon!

  5. How cute is he! I can’t wait to break out the bikes here.
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  6. Adorable!! I know you’ve had a rough week. I hope that you are able to find the support you need soon. Big hugs to you!!