Mamavation Monday

How are you all doing?

I am not proud of my week. All the stress of last weeks (work related stress) finally got to me. I am exhausted, have no energy. No surprise on the scale – gained few pounds. 

Main task for the week is to get my butt back on track and that includes drinking water.

Image via WikipediaThings that made me proud this week

I applied for Mamavation #8 campaign. Are you really surprised?
Check out my application Mamavation Application and tweet
Hey @bookieboo! I want @elenka29 to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support!

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Image via WikipediaMamavation Fit-cation 2011

I am super excited – I am going to Fit-cation and so looking forward to meeting all the great people.

 Blogging Carnival and Mamavation TV 

This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Fit Studio 

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Question: What time of day works best for you to be active?  How do you make sure you stick to those planned workouts?
My usual time for workout is evening after kids go to sleep, but lately I figured multiple times. It is all about the options, right? Morning- get up 40 min early and workout – usually workout DVD, lunch – 1 mile run, evening – 30-60 min WII workout. How do I stick to the schedule is by following the daily routine (and that includes going to sleep on time). Having options helps to. If I oversleep in the morning – I can run at noon and double up on evening workout.

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  1. SalemMomma says:

    Hi! I'm a new follower, and also a Mamavation applicant (as soon as I can get my video up!). One of my goals this week is to keep up on my water too. I would love for us to support each other! Look forward to talking more with you.

  2. Cant wait to meet you in June! Although we should meet up before then since we don't live that far! Perhaps we can find a walking trail and hit it together?

  3. Owen's Mom says:

    Yay! You applied again. I am going to go watch your video after this.

    I know you have been really busy at work, hope the stress goes down a bit for you. Glad to have you with us during hazing again. And hope you kick those few sneaky pounds back to the curb!

    You are such a hard worker, I know you are going to be successful and inspire us all. Have a great week!

  4. So envious that you are going to FitCation1!! That will be so much fun :)

    Drinking water can be a hard habit to get into. I started out by making myself drink 32oz of water before my morning coffee. The former Mamavation nutritionist, Cynthia Pascalla(sp?) gave us that tip. It allows the toxins in our bodies to be flushed out :) Plus, it gives us a HUGE jumpstart on water intake for the day!

    HAve a great week and best wishes on the campaign!

  5. I hope your stress levels dropped. Just remember, one bad week doesn't make a failure. Get right back in there. I'm so excited that you applied and that you're going to Fitcation!

  6. I'm so excited that you're doing all these amazing things, like I said before; you truly inspire me.
    When I first joined mamavation, you were so insanely friendly, and that means sooo much to me. Thank you, times a million. I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am that you tweeted all the kind things you did.
    I hope the stress calms for you, and that this week is a super amazing one!

  7. MNMSpecial says:

    I am so glad my husband found a job that allows me to stay home now (day care would kill us lol). I remember those 60-80 hr work weeks & they are killers for weight loss. I applaude your options and ability to work the workouts in.
    Good luck with the water intake this week. Congrats on applying and can't wait to meet you this summer.

  8. Rachel @RunningRachel says:

    Yeah! Super happy you applied again!! You totally have my support!

    Sorry about the stressful week, hopefully this week will be less eventful.


  9. Hi! If you read my post you'll know I can totally relate to the stress that effects everything we do. Part of my plan this week is to make water a priority. I want to get 32 oz water first thing after waking. I have a brita pitcher in the fridge but I can't down cold water. I pour a big glass at night and leave it out for the morning. I can get the room temp water down a lot easier first thing in the morning.

  10. MrsFatass says:

    Yay! You applied again!
    Stress can really make or break a person. I sure know that to be true. But I just know you'll be able to get things back on track. Have a GREAT week!

  11. Rebecca B. says:

    So excited that you applied again! Stress makes things so hard… I wish there was an easy answer for all of us.

    And I'm so jealous that you get to go to Fitcation!

    Have a great week this week!!

  12. SOOOOOOOOO glad you applied again!!! Let me know if you have any questions or if I can be any help at all! HUGS to you!!! Can't wait to see you in JUNE!!! WHOOT!

  13. homemom3 says:

    I honestly have no clue what Fitcation is but I keep reading about other mamavation sistas doing it. Stress makes things hard to focus so give yourself some slack, we've all had stress and understand. I like to do my exercises first thing in the morning after kids leave and one walk once they get home.

  14. Congrats on applying for the next Mamavation Campaign. I'm sending you lots of love and luck. Keep your head up and don't worry about the bad days, just keep pushing forward.