Mom Energy

Oh, the glory of being mom. It’s like being in sorority – we do things only moms can understand, we say things that only make sense to other moms, and we give each other  “Yes, I get it” looks. And only we know how much we carry every day trying to make sure our family is happy and healthy. But who takes care of us?

By the time I get home with kids, feed everyone dinner, and get everything ready for tomorrow I AM EXHAUSTED! I have been trying to get back to workouts but in the whole honesty I just have no energy to get up and move.

Ashley Koff describes very interesting theory in her book Mom Energy.  Everything we consume has it’s own energy and different foods have different amounts of energy they can contribute to our well being. We burn energy during the day, but we also give our energy to others: kids, husband, parents… Apparently even before a woman becomes a mother, she already starts sharing energy with her unborn child. This does sound very logical and I am ready fo answer: HOW DO I RECHARGE?

We are what we eat and the better the food – the better we feel afterwords. I do get it – burger would make me feel horrible and I will be sleepy after eating it. A piece of chicken and a salad would make me feel much better. I understand that it has everything to do with what’s in a burger and what’s in the chicken, but is there more to it?

Mom Energy is a new way for moms to tap into their own natural and renewable sources of energy to overcome fatigue and achieve their personal health goals. Koff and Kaehler have put together a safe, sensible, flexible, and, most importantly, effective program for moms of any age- whether their kids are in diapers or heading off to college.

The book sugests that we need to follow certain fundamentals to understand energy food brings us:

  • the quality of food,
  • quantity of food,
  • how often we eat,
  • how nutritional our meals are

Ashley Koff is offering us to discuss a variety of topics – everything from nutrition to fitness to time management, Koff and Kaehler lay out a three-part program (reorganize, rehab, and recharge) that can be molded to any lifestyle to help moms naturally up their energy levels. And with this enhanced energy, they will get all sorts of other unexpected benefits, including a stronger immune system, easier weight loss, and even better relationships. Mom Energy will teach readers what will help and what will hurt in their quest for optimum energy.

This is a great book for beginners and experienced dieters – it explains in easy to understand language how to balance food and how to make sure we get the right amount of nutrition to achive ultimate health and get the most out of food.
Want to know more? Check out Mom Energy’s website

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  1. I need this book! I am always tired and lacking energy. Thanks for sharing
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  2. Head Ant says:

    I’m already drowsy. I need this book!
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  3. I do everything right expect get enough sleep. That is something I always struggle with!
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