WB: Childrens Hospital Season 3 on DVD

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Childrens Hospital DVD: The Complete Third Season is out July 24, 2012

Childrens Hospital is known to be one of the most outrageous shows on air today because of the senseless staff at Childrens Hospital. What do you want to watch after a stressful day? I just want to kick back, grab a cup of tea (or something a bit stronger) and just laugh about ridiculous situations characters of the Childrens Hospital manage to get themselves into. Childrens Hospital episodes are short, hilarious, and sometimes just plain weird (like our lives maybe?).

If I have to share a story of me doing something stupid, this would be the one – many years ago in a different country I used to work for Crime Night  News program and a part of what we did to stay on top of news was listening to the police radio. One time we got a wind that there was a hostage situation at the certain address and we jumped in the car. Without knowing any kind of information about the situation we rolled into the subdivision (did I mention it was like 2 AM?) when I noticed a man with a gun in a beam of light. Whatever the hell was going on there, we figured to back out as soon as possible, but as soon as we started backing up, the same person ran to us waving a …. gun. “I will never listen to the cops radio ever again,” the thought flew in my head as I watched the guy approach us and tried to reach for my badge. The guy was a cop and they had as little information about the situation as we did, so when he saw our car backing up he just assumed that we were somehow involved. I have never been happier to hear “Reporter? Get the f… out of here”. Fast forward couple hours, we still got a good story for our morning news, but damn, what was I thinking just driving into the situation I knew nothing about.

Do please share your crazy stores have you ever been in a comical situation because of the mix-up? Did you get caught? Were you able to get away with it?

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  1. Usually the mixup involves me mixing people up. My mom just did it at the hospital. She kept insisting to a young doctor that we should ask the PA…not realizing that the doctor supervised the PA!

  2. I have never heard of Childrens Hospital- but your story sounds scary lol. Thank God nothing bad actually happened to you when you got there. :) I feel like I always mix things up and end up in a situation I shouldn’t be in haha.
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  3. Teresha says:

    I sometimes watch Childrens Hospital when I’m up nursing and it is crazy! I only get the joked if I am sleepy though. I have had too many near missed and mixups to count! One time I almost took the wrong dog home from the groomer.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Your story sounds scary! I can’t think of any stories myself at the moment. I’ve not seen Children’s Hospital but if it’s anything like Scrubs was, I bet it’s hilarious!
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  5. I never heard of it but it looks interesting. thanks for letting me know! :)
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  6. I’ve never seen it – I’ll have to check it out.
    Libby’s Library recently posted..Teenagers…You need to be one, to live with one!My Profile

  7. I have never heard of this before! I’ll have to check into this! Thanks!
    Krista recently posted..Learning about CD’s and Savings Bonds!My Profile

  8. I feel so out of the loop. I’ve never even heard of this show. LOL I’m also one of those people who is easily embarrassed but I am lucky enough not to remember the whole scenario afterwards. I’m sure there are times there has been a horrible mix-up in my life, but I cannot remember one. Need to look for old episodes of this show. – Katy
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