ZeroWater is Cleaner Water

After our build-in water filtration system got busted we figure that we need to have it replaced. Which one to pick? Decisions decisions decisions… So one day I come home and there is a pitcher sitting on the table. It looked cool and I decided to see how well it does.

My family consumes fair amount of liquid on any given day between four of us: water, juices, etc. We are always in a hurry, so, as you can understand, having no filtration system all of a sudden was not much of fun. The process is easy – push a button, get some water, and be on the way. Pitcher’s filter obviously is not as fast as a build-in systems but there are some features that do simplify the process – upper tray: it’s pretty convenient – just pull a kitchen hose, fill the top tray with water, and let it sit alone while you take care of other stuff. Come back later and boom! Your water is filtered and ready for consumption. Water delivery can happen two ways – through the traditional over-the-top and build-in water valve (great for convenience).

It’s an easy yet safe enough task even for kids. The valve is tough enough to prevent our little guys (who try to compete with Energizer bunny on any given day) to make a little lake on the middle of the kitchen yet soft enough to keep it from turning it into a workout routine. Right size and nicely designed handle design makes it easy to operate even when it’s completely full.

To my complete surprise the pitcher came with a water tester. The filter needs to be changed when this tester reads 005. Just for giggles – the bottled water reads 012. It was actually really weird to realize that I’m drinking cleaner water I just filtered and there is no aftertaste.

But let me talk a little bit about maintenance. We obviously haven’t had a chance to replace the filter yet, but the installation was really easy. (No PHD is needed to do that!)

These units come in three different sizes. The smallest one (8 cups) is pretty simple – a pitcher with a filter. The two bigger ones have some cool ways of storing testing unit: the medium size (10 cups) has a storage mount as a part of the top cover. The biggest unit is trully unique – the testing unit is placed in the slot above the release valve, so you can push the button and test the water while poring yourself a glass.

Pretty cool, hah? In any case, it looks like a good backup for our broken filtration system. I’d say it’s a great unit to replace the filtration system altogether for any size household.

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  1. I have one of these!! They are amazing!
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  2. jeevon kay says:

    Would love to try this. I am using Brita at home now and it doesn’t really do a good job

  3. Sounds awesome, cannot wait to try one.